Salon selected by mystery poet

Salon selected by mystery poet

A mystery man dubbed the Banksy of the poetry world has struck again by sending six of his uplifting poems to a North Yorkshire hair salon.

Shine Hairdressing, in Stokesley, has become the latest salon to be singled out to receive poetry from Mark Jones, who has been likened to the graffiti artist Banksy for the anonymous way in which he works.

The poet has sent dozens of his poems, apparently at random, to salons across the UK and, although he signs them, his identity remains a mystery.

Stephen MacVean, owner of Shine, received the first poem in May.

"I thought it was a bit strange, especially being anonymous, but I liked the poem so I kept it. A few weeks later we got another so I showed them to clients and they thought they were nice poems too.

"After the third one came, I Googled the poet’s name and found that salons across the country had received them," he explained.

Since then Shine has received three more poems, which tackle issues including bravery, sharing, friendship and, in the latest that arrived this week, Christmas.

Handwritten in silver pen on black paper, they are all signed on the reverse by "composer Mark Jones" and include the messages 'Keep Britain friendly', 'Keep your chin up' and 'Keep smiling'.

Stephen added: "It's all quite intriguing, I like the air of mystery. The messages in the poems are uplifting so there's no harm in it and it's nice that he wants to share his positive thoughts."

All the poems have come with a Lancashire postmark. Other salons in Wales, the North West, Hartlepool and Newcastle have received them. 


Two of Mark Jones' poems sent to the salon:

What's it all about

It's about value

Acceptance and respect

It's about love, truth and kind

It's all that simple

It's a simple peace of mind

It isn't hard to understand

It's what we are all searching for

To walk together hand in hand

To feel that we are part

If but a tiny piece

Of one enormous heart

Or a common bond to share

It's nice to know you're not alone

And it's nice when someone cares.



Love her for what she is

And not what you want her to be

She's absolutely crazy

For all the world to see

She's got her intuitions

That I can't understand

She's got us men

In the palm of her hand

She cares for the children

She keeps them from harm

The children adore her

It's part of her charm

There's no denying she's mystifying

And I love her so much

What would this world become

Without a woman's touch.