Take your hair back to your 20s

Take your hair back to your 20s

Wishing you could restore your hair with the vitality and shine you remember from your 20s?

A new product just launched to international acclaim promises to do just that and consequently has become one of the fastest selling hair products in recent years.

Olaplex is said to be the first product to dramatically reduce breakage, revitalise and restore softness and strength to the hair.

Developed in the United States where Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow are said to be fans, it is now available in salons here.

Wilson Derbyshire, owner of Shine Hair & Beauty in Northallerton, says it is proving popular with clients there and at its salons in Stokesley and Preston Farm.

"The difference to the feel of the hair after just one Olaplex three-step treatment is dramatic," he says. 

"While masks and deep conditioning treatments do have a restorative effect, they only work on the surface of the hair. The difference with Olaplex is that it works inside the hair, repairing the disulphide bonds within each hair shaft which have broken or become weakened due to colouring and heating over time. It's technically 're-building' the hair and restoring the integrity of the structure.

"The result is hair with more elasticity and shine that feels stronger and fuller yet lighter. It's especially good for coloured hair and will help make the colour last longer."

The three-step process begins with the Olaplex bond multiplier solution brushed onto dry hair followed by the application of bond perfector. After about 20 minutes, the product is shampooed off in the normal way.

If the client is having their hair coloured, the first stage solution can be added to the colour solution and applied as one process. Stage two is applied after the colour has been shampooed out.

Stage three of the Olaplex treatment is hair perfector, a booster treatment to apply at home.

* Shine Hair & Beauty has an introductory offer on Olaplex of £10 per treatment (normal price from £15). To make an appointment, call 01609 771477.